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Chairman's Update

Chairman's News Update email - September 2020

First and foremost to follow up Steve Kendall’s email and explain where we are in the bowling section in the light of the restrictions announced by the Government last Wednesday ---- in particular the ‘rule of six’.

We have about another month of outdoor bowling, if members want it, so an update is necessary. The background to this is the rising infection rate nationally and also Sheffield coming on to the radar of risk.

The following is based on the Government’s document ‘ Covid- 19 – Meeting with others safely’ issued on Wednesday 9th of September and also an email from the CEO of the British Crown Green Bowling Association[BCGBA].

Essentially organised indoor and outdoor sports are exempt from the new restrictions which commenced on Monday 14th September.

This means that our organised bowling sessions on Monday mornings, Tuesday evenings, Wednesday afternoons and Saturday afternoons can take place as usual.

The Government is keen for sporting activities to continue for reasons of physical and mental well-being.

So where does this leave the ‘ rule of six’?

The ‘rule of six’ applies to informal bowling arrangements where you fix up a game with a friend[s].

We have been doing this very successfully using the on-line booking system. From now on for such informal arrangements a maximum of six people only are allowed on and around the Green.

This is not just Government guidance – it is the law. It means that you can book up as normal but if you see that 6 people are already there at a particular time, you must find another time.

I am confident that members will adhere to this.

Although the season is drawing to a close, given the rising infection rates it is even more important that we are vigilant now.

his means that over the last month of the outdoor season pay special attention to social distancing, sanitise hands before and after play and sanitise all equipment before and after play.

If members are uncomfortable with the above please don’t come down to the bowling green. However we have to be balanced and the situation is controlled so members can play.

I finish with the comments of the CEO of the BCGBA – Mark Bircumshaw. ‘ With the end of the season fast approaching, we hope that members are able to get out and enjoy the remainder of the year in a safe, controlled way.’

All the best,

              John Turner
Chairman of the Bowls Section




    An ongoing reminder that in line with our do's and don'ts in the updated handbook, [and hard copies are in the pavilion], please continue to walk round the green in all matches rather than crossing the line of play. We all forget at times and most other teams have scant regard for it, but it is the Hallam Grange way.  



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