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Chairman's Update

Hello All,

First of all let me welcome you to our 2022 bowls season especially after the trials and tribulations of the last two years. From the survey there is a lot of interest in both league and social bowling and we have a full calendar of events that I hope you will support.

Safeguarding has become even more important over the last few years so I need to mention a couple of things to bring you up to date. In case you don’t know Liz Murray is our Safeguarding Officer and Liz should be your first port of call if an issue arises. All clubs have to have a Safeguarding Officer and they are also on our website and on the BowlsNet website. The bowls committee feel that we need to have knowledge of whom we should contact in the event of an issue or emergency arising. To this end tags will be available in the small pavilion for you to enter the details of the person you would like us to contact. These tags can be attached to your bowls bag or inside it if you prefer. This is voluntary, ofcourse, but we recommend that you use the tag.

On the infrastructure side of things there are two things of note. The new shelter has been built and will be a useful addition to all especially in inclement weather. I am happy with it although members could still express an opinion on the efficacy of Perspex windows at the sides or some form of permanent seating within the shelter. Let me know what you think and we can finish it off. A special thank-you to the benefactor who provided the funds and to Roger Bullivant who found the builder we used and project managed the construction. The second thing is that over the winter we have acquired a new aeration machine, power driven, to replace the old, hand pulled sarrel roller. Martin has worked his magic and got a great deal for us in buying a quality Groundsman Aerator which will make the labour involved much easier and will enable us to aerate the Green much more efficiently. A special thank-you to the benefactor who provided the funds. Martin and his team are very happy with this addition to our maintenance equipment. We are now well equipped. Martin has already sold the old sarrel roller and has bought tines from the proceeds. The maintenance programme and rota will be pinned up for members to see. Good stuff all round!

As you know the Green opens on Saturday afternoon and will be available from then onwards. We will operate a diary as we did before Covid so can you sign in whenever you come to play so we can see accurately the use that is being made of the Green.

The Sport’s Club will not be having a grand scale open day as we did last year even though it was very successful for all sections of the club. That will happen next year. In the meantime we will keep things ticking along on a smaller scale way with ‘A Bring a Friend Day’ probably in early June. So this is advance notice of that event and it gives you plenty of time to encourage your pals to come along and give bowls a try. I will give more details later in the season.

Finally two more appreciations. Thank-you to the members who turned up to clean and prepare the club for the season There was a great turnout of 15-20 people which enabled us to get a lot done. Also on behalf of you all a considerable vote of thanks to the bowls committee, team captains and the maintenance team who have done a huge amount since January to get us up and running for the season. I hope you enjoy it!

Best wishes,

John Turner

Chairman HG Bowling Club  



    An ongoing reminder that in line with our do's and don'ts in the updated handbook, [and hard copies are in the pavilion], please continue to walk round the green in all matches rather than crossing the line of play. We all forget at times and most other teams have scant regard for it, but it is the Hallam Grange way.  



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